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Ruth Blackwell, Teddy Bear Artist

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Welcome to Luvy's Handmade Teddy Bears and Soap Loaves

Every teddy bear and soap loaf that we offer is totally made by hand one at a time. Just like any fine handcrafted art it takes time and patience. Ruth puts time and love into each and everything she creates.

Ruth has been making award winning soaps and teddy bears since 2001 from her home in London, Ohio. She works in various mediums for her teddy bears and many of them are "one of a kind" also known as OOAK. Her very first creations were her musical "Phantom of the Opera Teddy Bears". These are still made but for not much longer as once all of the music boxes are gone these musical bears will no longer be offered.

You will find all kinds of Teddy Bears here for purchase. We have musical teddy bears (I heard from a reliable source that the "King" is around here somewhere). There are character bears, antique style bears, real and faux fur teddy bears, Ruth also does custom work at a reasonable price that you won't find anywhere else.

So if you see a teddy bear you love buy it before someone else does!

lather it up with some homemade soap by the loaf

Lather up with awesome homemade soap by the loaf

Ruth makes all her soaps on a made to order basis. Using good wholesome ingredients not used by many sellers. You won't find cheap fillers here. Our soaps by the loaf are made with skin nurishing oils like olive, sunflower, soy, jojoba and castor just to name a few.

Soaps by the loaf is available in either 2 or 5 pound loaves. We offer many different fragrance and essential oils added to the soaps to enhance your bathing experience.

Soap by the loaf is a much better way to purchase then by the bar as you can save money. Why pay for all that packaging when you can get more soap? We package your loaf in a re-sealable package so you can use it at your leisure. Or if you are running a bath and body business you can purchase what you need for your shelves (or shows) and not have to go through the hassle of making and curing before you can package and sell. When you receive our soap by the loaf it is ready for use but may still benefit from a few days out in the air before packaging (milk soaps especially).

When Grandma used to make soap by the loaf she didn't have the tools we have today such as Lye Calculators and all the wonderful oils at our reach; that is why Grandma's Soaps could sometimes be harsh. Once a soap has reached full saponification and is hardened lye is no longer present. Our Natural Soaps are handmade from scratch using natural ingredients which we have taken great care to choose and we test each soap before it is ever marketed. TV ads will lead you to believe that soap is bad for you and will dry your skin out - wrong! Handcrafted soaps are made to eliminate that problem.
Don't be fooled by some sites that tell you that animal fats are bad for your skin and that lye is not used in making their soaps; all true soap whether liquid or bar uses some form of lye.

We make Vegan soaps using all natural vegetable oils such as Cold Pressed Olive, Sunflower, Jojoba, Coconut, Soybean, Castor, and other natural vegetable oils and butters like cocoa and shea.

Most of the old-fashioned handmade soaps (made the way Grandma made them) contained Deer Tallow, Lard or Buffalo Tallow as well as other oils. These natural soaps were super moisturizing to your skin when Grandma got the lye right. They also created a hard lasting bar with a great lather. Do you think Grandma would throw away good fats? NO-- they used up everything! That's how they survived and today we have all that great knowledge with modern changes to make a good soap even better.

Whether you chose our Vegan Soaps or our other old fashioned handmade soaps you can't get any more natural or skin loving soaps than these.

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