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Handmade soaps, novelty soaps, lotions, sugar scrubs, body butters, memory teddy bears, memorial bears, musical bears, and more!

We are a proudly "handcrafted in America" company and whenever possible we use locally produced raw ingredients or shop local suppliers. We are a home based company so our website is our store and our catalog.

Ruth has been making handmade from scratch and handcrafted bar soaps, soap loaves, novelty soaps, lotions, body butters and other handmade bath and body products for sale since 2001. She has made a name for herself in this industry by offering her customers top quality products at reasonable prices and allowing everyone to purchase wholesale sizes at wholesale prices. That's right; everyone can purchase the larger sizes with no resale license required nor do you need a coupon code to get further discounts as automatic discounts are given in the shopping cart. The more you buy at once the more you save.

We also offer many other handmade items including our own version of "Phantom of the Opera" Musical Teddy Bears, Angel Teddy Bears, "Godfather" Bears, custom made teddy bears, memory bears, memorial bears and keepsake memory bears. If you are interested in other sewn items such as Memory Quilts and Pillows please visit our other site Memorial Teddy Bears and More by Ruth .

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General Store

From time to time you will find products available in the "General Store". These products are "oops" not bad quality just too much of a good thing, maybe a color wasn't just quite what we were looking for, fragrance was too light (or heavy) for our taste when we were testing it. You will even find products listed there made by other handcrafters who have asked me to offer their items. Be assured that if I have them on my website then I know the people personally and have approved of their product. Remember we only offer top quality handcrafted items here! We will be having closeouts here since we are getting rid of the "fat" so look for molds and other items that can be used to make products in a special section of the General Store listed as closeouts. These items may not be handcrafted since they will be supplies for the most part such as fragrance oils, molds and other equipment/ingredients.

Handmade soaps versus store-bought bars

When Grandma used to make soap she didn't have the tools we have today such as Lye Calculators and all the wonderful oils at our reach; that is why Grandma's Soaps could sometimes be harsh. Once a soap has reached full saponification and is hardened lye is no longer present.

Our Natural Soaps are handmade from scratch using natural ingredients which we have taken great care to choose and we test each soap before it is ever marketed. TV ads will lead you to believe that soap is bad for you and will dry your skin out - wrong! Handcrafted soaps are made to eliminate that problem.
Don't be fooled by some sites that tell you that animal fats are bad for your skin and that lye is not used in making their soaps; all true soap whether liquid or bar uses some form of lye.

We make Vegan soaps using all natural vegetable oils such as Cold Pressed Olive, Sunflower, Jojoba, Coconut, Soybean, Castor, and other natural vegetable oils and butters like cocoa and shea

Most of the old-fashioned handmade soaps (made the way Grandma made them) contained Deer Tallow, Lard or Buffalo Tallow as well as other oils. These natural soaps were super moisturizing to your skin when Grandma got the lye right. They also created a hard lasting bar with a great lather. Do you think Grandma would throw away good fats? NO-- they used up everything! That's how they survived and today we have all that great knowledge with modern changes to make a good soap even better.

Whether you chose our Vegan Soaps or our other old fashioned handmade soaps you can't get any more natural soaps than these. We also carry pure vegetable glycerin soaps as loaves and in the Novelty Line such as candy soaps, cookie soaps, pies soaps, and other items.

Now grab a favorite beverage and maybe a snack and see what's new on the site as we want to be your Bath and Body Store.